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This Page carries a selection of video of the Genesis and the processes leading up to it.
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Video 1 (1.4 Mb) Real Player Download  (17 seconds) Discussion at the meeting at Rutgers. 
Video 2 (1.4 Mb) Real Player Download (1 Minute) A given description of a genesis part.  
Video 3 (1.4 Mb) Real Player Download (17 seconds) Mike Stritzki explaining at the meeting at Rutgers.  
Video 4 (346k) Real Player Download ( 6 seconds) A view of the people at the January 17 meeting at Rutgers
Video 5 (344k) Real Player Download (17 seconds) A view of work being done on the front bumper.
Video 6 (346k) Real Player Download (9 seconds) Film of students working on a part of the car

To download , click here.  

To download  to play the video files, click here

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