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The prototype engine cradle for the vehicle is made by Tower Automotive.  It was be stamped out of Ultra-High Strength Steel from SSAB at half the thickness of the original structure to reduce weight.

Tower Automotive Inc. designs and manufactures structural components, suspension components and engineered assemblies for the automotive industry. The Company's structural components include large metal stampings such as body skins, pillars, roof rails, side sills, parcel shelves and intrusion
beams. Other structural component products include light truck frames, automotive engine cradles and heavy truck frame rails. Suspension component products include stamped, formed and welded products such as control arms, suspension links, track bars, spring/shock towers, control arms, suspension
links and trailing axles. Tower's engineered assemblies include an array of engineered parts such as brake components and fuel filter assemblies. In addition to Tower's structural, suspension and mechanical component products, the Company manufactures a variety of other products, including heat shields and other precision stampings, for original equipment manufacturer customers.

Contact Person:  Chris Santucci

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