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MESSER Gas Technology & Services again contributes its technical knowledge and products to support New Jersey’s alternative fuel automobiles in the Year 2000 Tour de Sol.

January 21, 2000 – Malvern, Pennsylvania -  Messer Gas Technology and Services, LP (Messer GT&S) is once again supporting New Jersey’s entries into the annual Tour de Sol alternative fuel automobile competition.  This year’s event, organized by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), will begin in New York City, NY on May 12th and conclude in Washington, DC on May 18th.  The vehicles, the New Jersey Venturer and New Jersey Genesis, are powered by advanced hydrogen fuel cell systems.

“We’re excited to once again support the Tour de Sol with our technologically-derived gas and delivery system solutions.  GT&S will contribute as part of the Venturer/Genesis team, supporting the development of environment-friendly vehicles and thereby promoting a better future,” stated Michael Masha, General Manager of Messer Gas Technology and Services, LP.  “This cooperative effort underscores the relationship which GT&S has enjoyed with NJDOT for several years.”

In 1999, Messer GT&S assisted in the design and construction of the Venturer’s Hydrogen storage and supply system.  GT&S will assist in the creation of the Hydrogen gas handling system, as well as providing the fuel, support vehicle, and technical personnel required to fuel the Venturer and ensure that the Hydrogen Supply systems of both vehicles operate flawlessly throughout the race.

Messer Gas Technology and Services, LP is a part of MG Industries, a leading industrial gas supplier operating in North America, which offers gases, applications technology, and service to its customers through a system of over 70 production plants and facilities.

MG Industries is a member of the Messer Group, one of the world’s largest industrial gas companies.  The Messer Group operates over 200 companies in 60 countries, employing almost 15,000 people.  The Messer Group offers a full range of gas solutions including  on-site plants, pipeline supply, bulk storage, tube trailers, as well as portable liquid can and cylinder gas products.  The Messer Group maintains significant development and resource centers to support Group companies worldwide.

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