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Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 18 
86405 Meitingen, Germany

800 Theresia Street
St. Marys  PA 15857, USA

Faruq Marikar (908) 232 5690
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SGL Carbon Corporation is a proud sponsor of the New Jersey Genesis zero emission vehicle. We supply the graphite composite plates that H Power uses in their fuel cell stack to feed fuel and air, and efficiently collect the power to enable propulsion.

Graphite plates and papers constitute the bulk of most fuel cell stacks and their high cost is an obstacle to widespread commercialization of this environmentally benign technology. SGL Carbon is preparing to mass manufacture cost effective components. We partner with preferred customers to develop and produce tailor-made components and sub-systems for fuel cells targeted at power generation, portable and automotive applications. 

SGL Carbon currently produces and supplies large volumes of SIGRACET® bipolar plates of graphite-polymer composite material. The plates have high electrical conductivity, low porosity, superior mechanical properties and excellent surface finish. Prototype plates are molded and high-speed machined. Production plates with integral flow channels are molded to size.

SIGRACET® Gas Diffusion Media are non-woven papers and felts specifically designed to transport gases into, and water out of fuel cell stacks. These are new materials with an open pore structure, good mechanical strength and high electrical conductivity. They are cost effective for use in moderate temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells. We ship them as 100 meters long, 45 cm wide rolls.

SGL Carbon is a leading manufacturer
of carbon/graphite bipolar plates 

SGL Carbon supplies carbon fiber based
gas diffusion media in continuous rolls
SGL Carbon is the world’s largest producer of Carbon and Graphite products. Annual sales is $1.26 billion. Headquartered in Germany, the company employs 7000 people in 29 locations in ten countries. There are approximately 2000 employees in North America. We invite you to visit our website at and view the fuel cell animation.

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