Millennium Cell in Partnership with NJDOT Genesis Project

Millennium Cell LLC of Eatontown NJ has developed a revolutionary hydrogen generation system, which will be incorporated into the NJ Genesis car.

This new fuel is based on a water solution of a boron compound and contains no carbon. The fuel called sodium Borohydride is a white powder that is dissolved in water. Since the fuel is over half water it is not flammable. As the fuel is used it is turned into ordinary borax, which is both non-toxic and environmentally harmless.

The fuel will produce up to 1 pound of hydrogen per gallon. One pound of hydrogen will run the Genesis for about 35 minutes of continuous driving or about 20 25 miles. Therefore the Millennium Cell fuel gives almost the equivalent range as a gallon of gasoline would. Since the fuel is a water based liquid a simple plastic storage tank, similar to what is in use today for gasoline is all that is required. A standard 20-gallon tank could be expected to give a range of between 400 and 500 miles.

This demonstrates another key feature of the system. The fuel is converted to hydrogen only as required. Therefore, at any given time there is only a small amount of actual hydrogen available to be ignited. This is very important in the case of an accident. All other storage methods store the hydrogen in a form that is essentially gaseous and therefore less safe.

The Millennium Cell generator weighting in at just under 100 pounds easily fits in the car. Since the reaction to generate hydrogen is spontaneous but only over a catalyst the generator is simple. It will deliver hydrogen at rate of over 200 liters per minute to power the fuel cells. Even if the fuel is spilled on the ground it will not release hydrogen but turn into harmless borax. 

The Millennium Cell Hydrogen generator provides a solution to some of the problems in a safe practical environmentally friendly way. The borax that is made in the car will be recycled back to Borohydride using any energy source demonstrating renewable resources.


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