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The intent of this project is to retrofit a donated aluminum Ford Mercury Sable with an electric drive train, fuel cell power system, advanced battery pack and a hydrogen generator. Once retrofitted, the hybrid vehicle will be entered to represent the State of New Jersey and compete in the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s (NESEA's) Tour de Sol road rally in May 2000. As part of this project, the 1999 NJ Venturer will also be entered in the 2000 Tour de Sol.

Project Goals:

  1. Demonstrate the integrated hydrogen generator and fuel cell systems and subsystems as a viable alternative to reforming technology.
  2. Produce a full size 4 door fuel cell electric vehicle with the capability of 1000 + mile range in a single refuel of non-flammable liquid fuel.
  3. Vehicle will be designed as to optimize vehicle weight using lightweight materials and advanced technologies.
  4. Vehicle will have full passenger and cargo capacity.
  5. Vehicle shall have comparable speed, handling and acceleration to its gasoline counterpart.
  6. Vehicle will have zero emissions and use a renewable fuel.
  7. Technology created for this project will be transferable to other industrial applications.
  8. The partnership of government, universities and industry created by this project will continue to generate educational, economic and environmental benefits for the next century.
  9. Re-enter the 1999 NJ Venturer in the 2000 Tour de Sol.

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